2008 3rd Global Shipping SummitTHE 3RD SHIPPING MART CONFERENCE|English中文版
  • Anniversary:Zhou Yanjin (1910-1985)
  • Zhou is former Chief Engineer of COSCO, Chief Engineer of “Yong Hao” Ship. Zhou was involved into the China shipping industry development by making the first Chinese ocean ship.

  • Anniversary:Yuan Geng
  • Former Vice Standing Chairman of China Merchants Group and Former Secretary of Administrative Committee, Shekou Development Zone. He is a pioneer in China’s opening-up and reform.

  • Anniversary:Yu Me (1914-1980)
  • Former vice minister of Ministry of Transport. He made contributions to deep-water oil tanker berths of 50 MT and 100MT.

  • Anniversary:Ye Zhongyang
  • As Director of Baijie Light House of Zhenhai Navigation Zone in Ningbo, he made selfless contribution to China Shipping industry.

  • Anniversary:Longwen Ye
  • As Captain of “Huatonghai” ship in COSCO, he made glorious endeavors with a totalcargo weight of 2.71 million tons.

  • Anniversary:Xu Huixing
  • As General Manager of COSCO Guangzhou, he led COSCO Guangzhou to make continuous progress.

  • Anniversary:Wei Jiafu
  • Wei is President of COSCO, the second largest ship owner in the world, owing seven listed companies with the annual cargo volume over 300 million Ton.

  • Anniversary:Wang Yafu
  • Wang is former chief engineer in Guangzhou Ocean Shipping Company. She is the first female chief engineer in new China.

  • Anniversary:Tang Guoying
  • Tang is former administer of Yangtze Maritime Bureau, Ministry of Transport. He has been engaged in 65 projects of Yangtze river terminals and berths.

  • Anniversary:Sun Jiakang
  • Sun is general manager of COSCO Container Lines Co., Ltd. Under his leadership, Mr. Sun introduced the latest overseas business idea into the company to expand the fleet to be 500 thousand TEUs, ranking the first in China liner companies and ranking six worldwide.

  • Anniversary:Qian Yongchang
  • As former minister of Ministry of Transport and head of CCTA, he made great contributions to China shipping industry and create new shape of China shipping industry.

  • Anniversary:Luo Kaifu
  • As former president of SINOTRANS, he made SINOTRANS one of the largest international logistics group.

  • Anniversary:Lu Guoji
  • As chairman of Minsheng Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd, he is one of the largest ship owners. He is praised as “New China Shipping King”.

  • Anniversary:Liu Gongchen
  • He is Vice Administer of Maritime Safety Administration, the PRC. Capt. Liu Gongchen assumed duties as Executive Director General of CHINA MSA in November 1998. He has suceesfully handles the fire accident and ensured the safety of 340 sailors.

  • Anniversary:Li Weizhong (1912-2005)
  • He is general manager of Chinese-Polish Joint Stock Shipping Company and senior officials in Ministry of Communication PRC.

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