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The Announcement of the List of Award Winners for China Shipping 60 Years

The List of ‘Award Winners for China Shipping 60 Years’ will be announced at China Shipping 60 Years Anniversary Banquet at 7th, Nov., Dalian. It is the first time to appraise and elect the most contributing people in shipping industry after the foundation of the People’s Republic of China.

Upon the proposal and consensus of most judges and experts, there are 27 winners and two special awards named China Shipping 60 Years Special Contributor will be awarded to Mr. Qian Yongchang and Mr. Wei Jiafu. Other Entrants are Former Vice Chairman of China Merchants Group Jiang Bo, Former President of China Shipping Group Li Kelin, Former Chief Engineer in Guangzhou Ocean Shipping Company. The first female chief engineer in new China Wang Yafu, Former Captain of “Guanghua” ship in COSCO Guangzhou; the first far ocean captain in new China Chen Hongze, etc.

This event covers China shipping industry in three historical periods:

1) Pioneering stage (1949-1978)
This period from foundation of new
2) Development stage (1978-2000)
China’s adoption of reform and opening-up policy in 1978 is an impetus for development of China shipping industry.
Internationalization stage (2000-Now)
China’s entering WTO accelerates China shipping industry’s interaction with the rest of the world.

Based on the criteria of entrepreneurship, contribution, international influence and innovation, over 100 candidates were primarily nominated by seeking opinions from experts and giant enterprises and through on-line voting.

To celebrate the 30 Years Anniversary of China’s adoption of opening-up and reform policy and welcome the upcoming 60th birthday of new China, Public Appraisal of ‘China Shipping 60 Years Anniversary’ is initiated by SHIPPINGCHINA. COM and is jointly organized by China Shipping and Port Academy, China Communication and Transportation Association (CCTA), China Shipowners Association (CSA), China Association of Port-of-Entry (CAOP) and Dalian Maritime University. Taking “Tracing Blue Ocean Footprint, Glimpsing Glorious Shipping Century” as the theme, this public appraisal is a review of China shipping figures who have made great contributions to and created historical events in China shipping industry in each important historical period.

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